In this open access opinion article, Caitlin McGee and I highlight proposed injury risk factors in esports, current tendon research and its potential applicability, and the research gaps in the field!

The electronic sports industry is booming across the globe and while physical injuries are highly prevalent in competitors, physiotherapy evidence-based practice is currently lacking. That’s something Caitlin McGee, Matthew Hwu and Kevin Ho—part of an international team that provides health and performance services for the gaming industry—want to see addressed. Here, they outline typical musculoskeletal injuries and the role of physiotherapists in esports.

Beat Saber, Shoulder Pain, Wrist Pain, Gaming Health and More

If you are VR gamer and have EVER wondered about your health from shoulder pain to wrist pain to risks with injury this episode is for you. Dr. Kevin Ho from 1HP chats with the Pro Mixed Reality Streamer Naysy to explore in depth what the injury risks are, what she has experience and what you can do to make sure you stay healthy!

Gamer Neck is not as BAD as we think... (Nerd Neck / Text Neck)

Dr. Caitlin Mcgee and Dr. Kevin Ho interview Dr Ney Meziat-Filho to reveal why many postures that we hear are "Bad" through social media - might not be so.

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